cup viewer

This project focuses on showcasing 3d models on the web using WebGL.



rotate: left button drag

zoom: wheel scroll, or shift + left button drag

pan: ctrl + left button drag

Touch Device

rotate: drag

zoom: pinch (with two fingers)

pan: hold (for at least 500ms) and drag

*using jsc3d.js

Augmented Reality Dev

DinoHulk's AR Bike Tour. #atthack. Sept 11-12, 2015. Most Efficient App Award.

360 YouTube Videos

*these videos works best using a Chrome desktop browser or a YouTube app on Android. I was told it also works on the iPad Air 2 YouTube app though I haven’t tested it myself.

I'm working on creating interactive 3d story experiences for dinohulk.com. Ideally, readers will be able to explore the world they're reading about in VR. So cool!

For the month of July 2015, I taught at a summer tech camp called Camp TechWise. The assets in the following videos were created by my campers ages 9-15.